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It is the CMA's aim to improve public health and wellbeing through education and information on the use of complementary healthcare products, to support and enhance a robust, vital and sustainable complementary medicine products industry and to support the ethical and responsible promotion of complementary healthcare products.  Australian complementary medicines are regulated through a comprehensive series of processes from manufacturing through to marketing and specific controls are placed on the advertising of therapeutic goods to consumers, including complementary healthcare products, medicines, and medical devices to ensure advertisements are truthful, appropriate and not misleading.  This section provides information on how complementary medicines may be advertised and how concerns about advertising material related to those products can be raised.

Important Information for Sponsors - Advertising Pre-Approvals

The Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia, Office of Advertising Compliance (wholly owned by CMA) is the compliance arm of the industry body, and has been contracted by the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to provide a pre-approval of advertising service.

For more information on advertising approvals click here

Want to learn more - Building Better Adverts Course

Developing a compliant advert can be quite complex. Using our expert knowledge we have developed a training tool which is designed to help you.

CMA has partnered with the Institute of Personal Care Science to develop practical on-line courses to help you understand and apply the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code to your marketing campaigns.

The on-line courses explain the complex regulations simply and practically.

CMA has launched an Introductory Program and an Advanced Program and they are priced very competitively from just $195. Just think how much time, energy and resources you will save by developing adverts that get approved with the minimum of fuss.

Useful Information for Advertisers

Regulating the Advertising of Therapeutic Goods *
A presentation providing information about one of the specific advertising requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (The Act) and the concern the TGA has with certain promotional activities which are occurring in the marketplace.  Click here to view the presentation.

The Therapeutic Good Advertising Code Explained *
A presentation that provides information about what is regulated under the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (TGAC) and what are some implications of direct to consumer advertising.  It also provides some education and inside knowledge about the procedures applying to the TGAC.  Click here to view the presentation

Healthcare Practitioner Products - Advertising Provisions
The CHC has been liaising with the Advertising Section of the TGA in relation to growing concern over inappropriate advertising to various healthcare practitioners - for more information

Health Claims for Fruit Juices - what can I say?
The CHC, in collaboration with the Direct Selling Association of Australia (DSAA), developed an information flyer for industry in response to the growing concerns of ‘therapeutic’ and ‘health’ claims being made about fruit/vegetable juices.

*These presentation papers are provided on the TGA's website solely for the purpose of indicating or suggesting what TGA representatives spoke about to the various conferences and seminars which they relate.  The papers are not legislative in nature and should not be taken to be statements of law or policy in any way.

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