Complementary Medicines Australia

Benefits of CMA membership

We offer a variety of membership benefits including:
  • A powerful lobbying voice for the complementary healthcare industry on key matters affecting your business.
  • A co-ordinated media response to both positive and negative press.
  • A complaints resolution forum. 
  • TGA interface or consultation with the industry on regulatory matters.
  • A Retail Advisory Committee dedicated to retail issues.
  • Adherence to the Complementary Healthcare Council’s Codes of Practices.
  • A Professional Development Online Education opportunities. 
  • Annual industry awards where companies and individuals are recognised for their contribution to the industry throughout the year.
  • Access to members only sections of our website
  • Up to date technical and regulatory information relevant to the complementary healthcare industry
  • Consumer information and newsletters on complementary healthcare matters.
  • National events which keep you informed on key industry initiatives.
  • Participation in CMA working committees where appropriate (refer below for list)
  • Consultation on industry issues as appropriate
  • Participation in or input into negotiation with government organisations as appropriate
  • Boardroom and meeting room facilities available to visiting members - Canberra Office


CMA Committees - one of the benefits of being a  member

In order for Complementary Medicines Australia to reach its strategic goals of Shaping the Industry and being The Voice of Industry, Committees and working groups have been established. As a member of CMA, you will be given an opportunity to participate to help shape CMA's position. 

If you would like to discuss these committees or groups, or if you would like more information on how to join CMA, please contact Chelsea vanZyl, CMA Business Development Associate on

CMA Board Committees:

  • Regulatory and Policy Committee - Recommends to the CMA Board policies and position statements relating to issues affecting the complementary medicine industry under the regulatory and standards framework;
  • Marketing and Membership Committee - Provides strategic recommendations on CMA membership retention, growth and service offerings;
  • Communications Committee - Recommends to the CMA Board internal and external communication protocols and initiatives;
  • Finance and Audit Committee - Assists the CMA Board in fulfilling its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to CMA's financial matters;
  • Retail Advisory Committee - Ensures retailer's interests are well represented in legislative and regulatory issues.

CMA Technical Committees/Working Groups

  • Industry Critics Working Group - Involved in the identification of industry critics and development of strategies to quiet these critics;
  • Events Working Group -  Evaluating current and future CMA held events to ensure they are in alignment with the CMA strategic plan and of benefit to members.
  • Homoeopathic Working Group - Currently consulting and developing, in conjunction with the TGA, an appropriate regulatory framework for homoeopathic and anthroposophic medicines;
  • Raw Material Suppliers Technical Committee -  Currently reviewing the CMA's Code of Practice for Raw Materials. The Committee also identifies issues related to suppliers of complementary medicine ingredients;
  • Manufacturing & GMP Technical Committee - Identifies and works on issues related to manufacturers of complementary medicine products and GMP issues;
  • Sports Supplement Industry Group - Currently engaging with FSANZ on the anticipated review of Standard 2.9.4 in the Food Code (Formulated Sports Foods). The group is also reviewing CMA's Code of Practice for sports foods/supplements;
  • Regulatory Technical Committee - Newly created committee - Call for nominations underway.
  • Practitioner Medicine Technical Committee - Newly created committee - Call for nominations underway.
  • Vitamin E Working Group - Responding to TGA safety review of vitamin E supplements.
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