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CMA Marketing & Supply Code of Practice: Complementary Medicines

The CMA Marketing & Supply Code of Practice: Complementary Medicines was ratified at the 2015 Annual General Meeting, held on 29 October, 2015.

It is CMA’s aim to improve public health and wellbeing through education and information on the use of complementary medicines, to support and enhance a robust, vital and sustainable complementary healthcare products industry, and to support the ethical and responsible promotion of complementary medicines. Our Members subscribe to the tenet that ethical business practices are an integral component of a sustainable industry.


June 2010
  The Government released a position paper on the promotion of therapeutic goods, raising concerns about inappropriate marketing to medical professionals, inconsistencies between the standards expected of different groups within the therapeutic goods industry, the need for high level principles to underpin sector specific industry codes, and how to deal with non-members.

March 2011  The Working Group on the Promotion of Therapeutic Products provided its report to the Parliamentary Secretary. The working group, comprising industry stakeholders including the CHC, ASMI, AMA, GMIA, MA, made a number of recommendations for industry, government and healthcare professionals and the report includes a set of high level principles as the basis for strengthening and aligning industry codes of conduct.

April 2013  The first meeting of the Codes of Conduct Advisory Group, an industry-led group intended to guide and support implementation of the Working Group’s recommendations for better self-regulation, design and development of shared communication systems and a common complaints mechanism, and independent evaluation of the effectiveness of industry’s self-regulatory framework. The Advisory Group is funded by the Australian Government until June 2016.

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