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Industry Issues

Crisis Management Guidelines May 2013 Edition 31  (Login Required)
For the management of actual, potential or threatened tampering of medicines, complementary healthcare products and medical devices. Edition 31 of the Crisis Management Guidelines are now available. This update includes a new Appendix: Blood and Blood Products Contacts List. Therefore, there has been a renumbering of the appendices and page numbers accordingly.  To access the document click here

FSANZ Nutrition, Health and Related Claims Standard

The substantiation process for food-health relationships, August 2012

Proposed changes to permit self-substantiation of general level health claims, August 2012

Pharmacovigilance Presentations (Login Required)
Please note that information contained in the slides (Click Here) represent the view of the presenters on the subject matter and should not be taken as the sole reference for guiding individual companies to fulfil pharmacovigilance obligations.  Companies should refer to applicable regulatory source documents and consider seeking independent advice to develop their own pharmacovigilance system.

Requirements for Reporting Non-Serious Adverse Events for Prescription and Non-Prescription Medicines
To assist industry, the CHC provides a letter from the TGA which clarifies the situation on adverse event reporting requirements. To access the document click here

PIC/S Code of GMP - Letter for Sponsors
To assist industry, particulalry sponsors, with the new changes being implemented with the adoption of the new PIC/S Code of GMP (effective 1 July 2010), the CHC and ASMI have outlined some changes to note in a letter (March 2010)

Advice to Members on Diversion of Ingredients for Illicit Drug Use
The CHC was contacted in regards to incidences of complementary medicine ingredients being diverted into illicit drug manufacturing. To assit industry's awareness, the CHC created a document on the Diversion of Precursor Chemicals/Equipment into Illicit Drug Manufacture (August 2008)

Codex - what are the facts in relation to Australia?
Due to concern from members, the CHC created an information sheet about Codex to help clarify its role in relation to Australia – “the facts without the fiction” (July 2008)

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