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Join Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA).

Your support is vital in helping us build a sustainable and positive future for the health and wellbeing of all Australians. CMA is the industry association presenting the complementary medicines and complementary healthcare industry in Australia. We work with government, industry and consumers through many initiatives. This is our sole focus.

Your support contributes to our valuable work in promoting the benefits of our industry and ensuring that consumers have access to affordable, safe and effective complementary healthcare products. Join us to ensure that our industry remains strong and pro-active.

Become a CMAmember in three simple steps:

1.    Read the Membership Information Kit which provides guidance for determining CMA member category
2.    Complete the CMA Membership Form and attach all necessary documents mentioned on the form, then save the form and
3.    Send the completed form as an attachment to Chelsea vanZyl at

Chelsea will make contact with you shortly after receiving your membership form to complete your application and the fee applicable.
If you have any questions please direct them to or call 02 6260 4022.

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