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“CMA membership offers me peace of mind and protection for my industry, giving me the latest information on research and immediate, often before the event, notification on current media releases and breaking news.  As a retailer being able to give the correct information immediately is of paramount importance as it allows me to be a step ahead of my customers, reinforcing customer confidence, giving me an edge over my competitors.  As a member of CMA  I am reassured that I am receiving correct information directly from one trusted source.  The CMA is invaluable to my business.”

         Enis Saegenschnitter, Owner - Go Vita, Munno Para


“Complementary Medicines Australia provides a fundamentally important opportunity for all relevant businesses and organisations to unite and strengthen, both individually and as a collective, through the council’s valuable education, communication and lobbying initiatives.”

                      Vicki Yianni, Founder and Director, Food Source Magazine                                


 “Often it is the behind-the-scenes work done by Complementary Medicines Australia that has the greatest impact.  As someone who has been involved with many industry negotiations over several years, I have seen how delicate some situations were and how ably they were handled by the CMA. 

People don’t realise how very much worse some situations — including the Pan recall — would have been if  CMA hadn’t been there. 

CMA allows often divergent interests to find a common position that supports the overwhelming majority of members.” 

                    David Johnston, General Manager, Weleda Australia Pty Ltd


 “Since its inception over 10 years ago I have had the pleasure of dealing with Complementary Medicines Australia in supplier, retailer and consultant capacities. In this time CMA has played a critical role in shaping the Australian complementary healthcare industry and has indeed proved to be an effective advocate. I have always found the Executive Director and her staff to be professional, forward-thinking and a delight to work with.  The CMA understands the needs of its diverse membership base and provides invaluable resources and direction to our growing industry. ”

Ann Cattelan, Nominee for the Lady Cilento Award 2009 – for the most significant contribution to the Industry

“Complementary Medicines Australia is the peak industry body representing the diverse interests of the complementary medicine industry. I have found membership provides numerous benefits, including the ability to network and interact with peers, regulators and key decision makers. Most importantly, membership ensures that industry has a active and strong voice in the media and broader community.”  

Michael Gepp, Technical and Regulatory Manager, Pathway International

“I’ve been a member of Complementary Medicines Australia since day one. There are many reasons for my support of the organisation but the main one is to protect my company from elements over which I have no control. I strongly believe that without CMA  representing our industry we would be totally exposed to whatever the bureaucrats and media want to throw at us. 

A successful industry body needs to be many things: an effective advocate; a positive, persistent and effective presence in the halls of government and the corridors of federal bureaucracy; an efficient developer of policy; and a guiding light.  Most of all, it needs to be the voice of that industry. 

As far as the complementary health industry is concerned, CMA  ticks each and every one of those boxes.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like being a sitting duck. CMA offers my business protection, security, longevity, freedom and the confidence to grow.” 

   Frank Caruso, Managing Director, Totally Natural Products

“Lipa Pharmaceuticals has forged an invaluable partnership with CMA  in supporting and promoting the growth of the complementary healthcare industry within Australia.

Their passion and professionalism is closely aligned with that of Lipa and our vision for the future.”

                        Dusko Pejnovic, CEO, Lipa Pharmaceuticals

“I’ve had the pleasure of liaising with CMA over the past seven years and congratulate it on its 10th anniversary. The Council is the pre-eminent peak body for the complementary medicines industry and retailers; and has gone to great lengths to achieve a presence and voice for them in consultation with government, within regulatory bodies and review committees and to the media.”

              Steven Chong, Editor, The Journal of Complementary Medicine

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