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Lucy Lang awarded the CMA 2019 Industry Contributor Award

30 Oct 2019 12:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The proud winner of the 2019 CMA Industry Contributor Award is Lucy Lang. Lucy leads regulatory affairs for CMA, liaising with various Government agencies and, in particular, the TGA. She also works with industry members to develop policy positions, identify future problems with newly proposed Government policies, and seek technical improvements to the regulatory scheme.

Lucy Lang takes the 2019 CMA Industry Contributor Award

Pressing the industry forward

Lucy works in a secretariat capacity for CMA’s regulatory committees for sponsor members, manufacturers and raw material suppliers. She elicits and collates views to press the industry position forward. It has been an incredibly active time of late with the implementation of the MMDR major regulatory reforms progressing at a rapid pace our industry quickly develops into overseas markets. Keeping the bigger picture in mind helps Lucy to ensure that the best long-term outcomes are achieved.

Positive advances

Asked about the significance of the Industry Contributor Award, Lucy said: “It is a really positive affirmation of the regulatory and Government work we do; a reflection of the positive advances achieved over the last year. More than that, our industry has always been held together by those who truly understand and believe in how important it is – and that complementary medicines are powerful, even critical components of ‘true’ health and wellbeing. I feel really honoured to be counted within that category of industry contributors. People demand our industry because they understand its safety, efficacy, and sustainability as part of everyday life, and they always will – it is our job to keep advancing that, even in the face of adversity.”

Regulatory work can be challenging explains Lucy, since it often questions the position proposed or set out by Government who have access to a comparably vast range of resources. Thinking outside the box and planning is necessary to ensure that there won’t be any unexpected surprises. Questioning whether the correct path is being taken is easy to do and it can be a challenging path. “So to have the affirmation that outcomes we have achieved were recognised made me feel very grateful and thankful,” says Lucy.

Surprise honour

Lucy was taken by surprise by the awards, saying: “I did not have the faintest idea that I might be awarded this honour. I was in shock when it was announced it – so much so that I feel quite embarrassed because I forgot to make a speech! But I am so grateful for those who listened, and stepped up to the plate to help get these changes across the line. I was very humbled to later hear that it was many of my hardworking friends and colleagues in industry who nominated me for the award.”

“Everyone at CMA makes such an incredible contribution; everyone supports everyone else,” says Lucy. “We not only had achievements in the regulatory space, Healthplex this year was an astonishing outcome, as were the changes to the Australian Made laws.”


Invaluable support

CMA relies on senior industry members, political, technical, and Board members who are always willing to join in with Government meetings as a show of unity for the CMA positions. “The cooperation and involvement of all CMA members is invaluable. It’s a really positive way to work. I hope our industry cohesion, underpinned by a shared knowledge in the importance and efficacy of complementary medicines, remains a feature of our industry. Together we are much stronger,” ends Lucy.


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