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A new standard in innovation: Thursday Plantation takes the 2019 CMA Judges Choice Award!

21 Nov 2019 2:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Occasionally, the CMA panel judges receive an outstanding nomination that showcases the very best of our industry, or which embraces a new standard in quality, or an innovation that will transform our sector, but which falls out of the selection criteria of a particular award.

 Thursday Plantation's Laura Willems (L) and Kim Burrell (R) hold the 2019 CMA Judges Choice Award.

The CMA Judges Choice award acknowledges those who have an outstanding nomination that deserves recognition. Enter the Judge’s Choice Award ... Awarded at the discretion of the Judging Panel, this year, the worthy winner of the CMA Judges Choice award is Thursday Plantation.


Thursday Plantation has reinvigorated and grown the Essential Oil category with a new product range that encompasses an innovative digital strategy and influencer outreach, together with an active profile in key banners helping to promote the category and reinvigorate positive interest in essential oils.


The power of 100% pure oils

Thursday Plantation’s Sleep Support & Calming Lavender Oil Roll-On and the Headache Pain Relief Peppermint Oil Roll-On are the two new products launched in March 2019. Both Roll-Ons harness the power of 100% pure oils to support common health conditions offered in a ready-to-use, convenient Roll-On format. 


Brand Manager, Kim Burrell said: “At Thursday Plantation, we are committed to understanding the changing habits, behaviour and attitudes of our core target audience to develop products that offer a real therapeutic benefit.


Research had identified that people aged between 35–54 years were a key target group for Thursday Plantation, a group that felt increasingly time poor with the pressure of juggling family life, leisure and work. The majority, 70% of those who took part in the study, agreed that there didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Stress and tension could result which, in turn, could lead to a variety of associated health issues. Using these insights and their unwavering belief in the power of pure essential oils, the new Roll-Ons were launched.


Marketing the products

The creative objective for the campaign was to clearly and creatively convey the unique selling point of the Roll-Ons: these are the convenient and ready-to use form. It was also important to ensure that the end-benefit of each product was clear. Thus, the ‘Roll-It-Away’ campaign was born.


The team developed the media strategy by tapping into the usage behaviour of the target group named the ‘Busy Professionals.’ “The key objective was to drive awareness of the Thursday Plantation Roll-Ons over three months in high-frequency environments at key times with messaging to match product and consumer context. 

The digital strategy consisted of Programmatic Display – targeting audiences throughout the day across all devices. Paid and Organic Social – targeting before and after work hours across all devices. Mobile Advertising – using peak transit times across all mobile devices and Influencer Outreach – using micro-influencers to build credibility, trust and encourage trial. The media strategy was underpinned by in-depth knowledge of the target audience and how they best consume media.


A robust trade marketing strategy to drive awareness amongst shoppers in key retailers supported the marketing initiative.


Consumer reaction

The team was thrilled with the response from both retailers and consumers. Kim explains: “To hear the kind of feedback such as ‘absolutely loving my Lavender roll-on’ and ‘I’ve used my lavender so much I’m completely out! makes us very proud. We achieved ranging in all key grocery, pharmacy and health food banners, which makes our products not only convenient to use but convenient to find!”


Pulling together is a corporate value

At Integria Healthcare, Innovation and New Product Development is a team achievement and one of the company’s corporate values is “Pulling Together,” and the Roll-Ons embody this. The innovation, marketing, operations, regulatory and sales teams all contributed to developing these products and achieving such a successful launch.


Building for the future

Building upon the success of the Roll-Ons and continuing to increase their success is now key.

“At Integria, our passion is to create progressive, therapeutic skincare solutions. We are committed to bringing the highest quality natural oils to consumers and providing them in the most consumer-friendly, easy-to-use innovative forms. We are determined to see our incredible team going on to win more awards,” ends Kim Burrell.


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