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Tech Alert: Titanium dioxide and TGO 92 s9(2) update

24 Aug 2021 10:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Please see below for updates on several separate issues:

1. Titanium dioxide

For evolving information on titanium dioxide, please click here. A reminder that the FSANZ consultation is closing on 17 Sep 2021 and that they are seeking specific data for a safety assessment that may be sent directly to FSANZ. If you prefer to send unidentified or redacted company data through submission by CMA, this information may be sent to us by 16 Sep 2021 at technical@cmaustralia.org.au. FSANZ has nominated the below information is eligible to be submitted as part of their safety assessment:

- Physico-chemical characteristics and composition/specification documents of titanium dioxide as currently used food additive. Characteristics include particle size, size distribution and morphology, any size-dependant properties. Nanoparticulate material should be quantified and the composition and specifications should be provided.

- Unpublishes genotoxicity studies (in vitro or in vivo) with titanium dioxide. 

 - Other unpublished studies relevant to a safety assessment.

2. Sponsors holding Section 17 consents regarding TGO 92 Section 9(2)

The TGA have provided a commitment to give an extension for all existing s14/14A consents that relate to section 9(2) of the TGO 92, without the need for another formal s14/14A consent application from the sponsor. However, an extension will be granted only if the consent is still required and once confirmation of the need is received from affected sponsors. Therefore, the TGA is contacting sponsors with current S14/14A consents (in relation to section 9(2) of TGO 92) and requesting confirmation that an extension is required. A new consent will then be given until 1 September 2022

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