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CMA Guideline for the Quality and Safety of Raw Materials used in Complementary Medicines

This Guideline for Raw Materials has been developed to assist members by defining principles and setting benchmarks for assuring the quality and safety of all raw materials to be used in complementary medicines.

The guideline is intended to be followed by Industry to minimise the risk of breaching relevant legislation, to enhance consumer confidence in the quality and safety of complementary medicines, and to maintain and enhance the credibility and the sustainability of the complementary medicines industry.

CMA Raw Material Guidelines

 Cover Letter for Questionnaires

Request for Change to Industry Guideline

Q&A: CMA Guideline for Raw Materials & Vendor Qualification Questionnaires (VQQ)


Supplier Vendor Qualification Questionnaire

Raw Material Manufacturer Vendor Qualification Questionnaire

Packaging Material Manufacturer Vendor Qualification Questionnaire

Free From Information Questionnaire

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE) Questionnaire

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