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Complementary Medicines Australia supports appropriate government regulation for complementary healthcare products that recognises the low risk nature of the products whilst upholding safety, quality and efficacy standards necessary to ensure consumer confidence.

Submissions to the Therapeutic Goods Administration

The following submissions are in response to the following TGA consultation documents:


CMA Submission- Proposal to change the current good manufacturing practice (GMP) fees and charges ( March 2018)

CMA Submission - Discontinuing pre-market evaluation of Herbal Component Names (12 January 2018)


CMA Submission - Business process improvements supporting complementary medicines assessments pathways (7 November 2017)

CMA Submission - Permitted Indications (1) - Health maintenance biomarker claims (October 2017)

CMA Submission - Permitted Indications (2) - Mild and Medically Diagnosed Conditions (October 2017)

CMA Submission - Permitted Indications (3) - Maternal Health & Infancy (October 2017)

CMA Submission - Permitted Indications (4) - Tradition of Use Evidence Qualifiers (October 2017)

CMA Submission - Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code Proposed improvements (13 October 2017)

CMA Submission - Exposure Draft of the Therapeutic Goods Amendment (2017 Measures No. 1) Bill 2017 (5 September 2017)

CMA Submission: Enhancing Sanctions and Penalties in the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (31 May 2017)

CMA submission to the consultation - Options for the future regulation of 'low risk' products (12 May 2017)

CMA submission to the consultation - Reforms to the regulatory framework for complementary medicines: Assessment pathways (28 March 2017)

CMA submission to the Therapeutic Goods Amendment (2016 Measures No. 1) Bill 2016 inquiry. - Click here to read the submission (3 March 2017)

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CMA's goal is to achieve a sustainable vibrant, compliant industry that holds its place in consumer health. We support the ethical and responsible promotion of complementary healthcare products and their value to the health of our community.

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